Thursday, September 14, 2006

Shorthand For Epic ep & show

So, I arrived at home this evening to find this envelope waiting for me:

How great is that?

Now, generally speaking, I'm not a fan of "jokey" bands. I'm a fan of comedy and I'm a fan of music. But, rarely can the two co-exist in my world. So, when I first saw pictures of Shorthand for Epic I was thinking they were going to be precious at best, annoyingly jokey at worst. Thankfully, beyond the humorous publicity photos, they're not a jokey band.

Instead, they churn out golden nuggets of confectionary pop delights -- angular, new-wavish hooks, and dancable, head-bobbing beats. Pop, pop, pop. My head is about to pop, they're so fun. I hear traces of many groups that have come before, but in their hands these influences sound fresh, fun and new.

But, it's also easy to be deceived by the kitchy photos and toe tapping sounds. Methinks there is more going on with this band. Sublimely subversive lyrical content. Perhaps pop is the new revolution? Maybe Shorthand for Epic is the next Nation of Ulysses? Nah, probably not. But, much like the transformers, this band has "more than meets the eye."

In short, their self-titled, three-song EP has left me wanting more. Therefore, you will find me at Cafe Venus and Mars Bar this weekend checking out their show (see flyer below). But, Shorthand For Epic, I must tell you that you've set the bar awfully high with this EP. It's going to be hard to top in a live setting. But, I look forward to hearing you try!


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