Sunday, June 24, 2007

SPB Anniversary Countdown: Day 5

The SPB Anniversary Show is happening at the end of *this week*!!! It's happening at the Sunset Tavern on Friday, June 29 with a bevy of fine Seattle pop bands: Sgt. Major, Dept of Energy, Shake Some Action, The Small Change, Andy Werth and The Knast. The whole thing starts at 9pm on the nose. So, don't be late!

In today's edition of the countdown to the show, I decided to focus on the venue itself. I really like the Sunset. For my dollar it's got the best combination of quality sound system, good bar, and cool vibe. I was tickled pink to be able to book the anniversary show there.

A user named Mel R. described the venue thus: "My god, I've died and walked into a cheap Chinese whore house!!! In other words-heaven! It even came complete with hanging lanterns, fuzzy red damask wallpaper, a collection of disco balls and plenty of seating."

I've hijacked a number of photos from around the web to share with you here. Apologies to those sites from whom I'm stealing.

That ol' familiar sign:

Leading into the club:

A nice photo of the interior:

Here's what it looks like when you have a hoe down on stage:

And here are some ladies at the bar:

And to close things out, here's some video (with distorted-audio) of Thee Emergency playing there:

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