Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Thee Sgt. Major III play The Who's Greatest

What happened to the lovely and talented Carmella? Sgt. Major seems to have become Thee Sgt. Major III. Well I suppose change is inevitable and not necessarily evil. A note on the Thee Sgt. Major III MySpace page has this to say about that, “The onslaught of 2008 will ring in changes far and wide to this and EVERY OTHER rock band you know, love, loathe and detest” and further declares that “THE SUBVERSION SOCIETY will PREVAIL and you won't remember what you liked in the past, as even YOU know, you can't change what’s already past: the FUTURE.... YOUR FUTURE.”

Also on their MySpace page is this nicely produced video by Chris Force of Thee Sgt. Major III and several special guests, most of whom should look familiar to regular readers of this blog, performing a great set of solid gold Who songs at The Sunset Tavern on New Years Eve. It looks like a fine time was had by all. Wish I’d been there.


Anonymous said...

they're way better now if you haven't seen 'em. let's be honest: that other girl couldn't really sing

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