Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mission statment, of sorts.

Why a Seattle powerpop blog? I suppose the short answer is, "why not." The slightly longer answer is because there doesn't seem to be such a thing already. While there are a number of great print and web publications in Seattle, none focus on powerpop. So, perhaps there is room for a blog on the subject.

The first question to tackle when planning such a thing, of course, is what exactly qualifies as Seattle powerpop. Well, I'm here to tell you I'm going to be fairly loose in my definition.

By "Seattle," I probably mean to include much of the Pacific Northwest. Whether it's a band from the area or a show that's taking place in the area, it can meet that criteria.

By "powerpop," I probably mean to include a lot of things. Is it indiepop or powerpop or indierock or rock-n-roll or garage or pop-punk or post-punk or other? This is a question that will no doubt be trampled along the way. I see no reason to be militant about it. If it's poppy and has guitars, it's probably fair game.

So, let the good times roll! If you're a band and want to send your demo or route me to your myspace page, feel free to do so! Otherwise, stay tuned for reviews, interviews, opinions, gossip and more.

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