Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Cristina Bautista, Patience Please and Fishboy tonight at SS Marie Antoinette

Seattle is just a cool place to be. Where else can a former boat factory host pop bands? Only at the SS Marie Antoinette.

If you head there tonight, you can catch:

Cristina Bautista
Patience Please

The former two are local and Fishboy is from Texas. How appropriate is it for a band called Fishboy to be performing in a boat factory?

Patience Please just released a joyfully shambly indiepop record called "Parallel Plots" and are headed across the country on a tour. So, catch them here while you can.

I don't know much about Cristina Bautista. But, the tunes on her myspace page make me think she could be famous in a year or two. You've got to like a 19-year-old who sites Material Issue, Joe Jackson AND "Boys II Men, ABC, BBD" as influences. :)

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