Monday, July 17, 2006

The Long Winters' new disc

Thanks to the folks at Mammoth Press, the new record (titled, "putting the days to bed") by The Long Winters can be heard online. So, tonight as I found myself looking for something to listen to while playing online poker, I fired it up and listened top to bottom.

Gut response: it's a really good record, well produced and inventive.

There is an undercurrent of "rootsy-ness" to the record. But, at the same time, it throws a heapin' helpin' of curved and angled melodies and dropped beats at the listener -- without ever losing the hooks.

"The Sky Is Open" was a stand-out track upon first listen. I'm looking forward to their CD release show Saturday 7/22 at Neumo's, and I'm also looking forward to picking up the disc and giving more rotation time.

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