Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Rentals - Neumo's on 7/24

I have to admit I have not paid much attention to The Rentals. I bought their first record back in the 1990s and I thought it was a moderately catchy, if uneven, set of numbers that didn't really stick to my ribs. Of course, there are folks out there who absolutely love them (I'm looking in your direction, Ms. Hydra). So, there must be something going on that I was missing!

Well, if the song "We Have a Technical" on their myspace page is any indication, I need to go give another listen. I think it may be that my ears have changed rather than their sound having changed, since it still sounds like a moderately catchy, analog synth heavy pop tune. But, it seems more enjoyable to me now than it did a decade ago.

See them at Neumos on 7/24 with Ozma, who also have a healthy addiction to analog synths (and were perhaps influenced by Rentals main guy Matt Sharp's old band Weezer). All in all, it promises to be a good night of music.

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