Saturday, August 19, 2006

Day 12: Two mp3s Per Day for 16 Days

Good day and welcome to Day 12 (anyone get that joke?) of the Two mp3s Per Day for 16 Days series. We've reached the end of the Saturday August 26th schedule for the International Pop Overthrow.

Don Dixon's "Roommate"

True West's "Steps to the Door"

Note: This is True West's first show together in approximately 20 years! Along with The Windbreakers and Don Dixon's set, this night of the IPO represents a real opportunity to dig into some "past generation" powerpop (and I mean that in a respectful manner).

Also note: In some cases in this series, such as with True West above, I must download an mp3 and place is somewhere that is linkable. If bands don't want this to happen, feel free to tell me and I will redirect to a link of your choice or remove completely.

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