Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Free rock show Saturday 9/2

Perhaps the best deal in rock-n-roll this weekend will be at the Skylark Cafe over in West Seattle. Because for zero dollars, that's right free, you can see:

Megasapien / Dept of Energy / Young Sportsmen
Skylark Cafe
3803 Delridge Way SW
West Seattle, WA

So you can see two of my favorite local groups (dept of energy & young sportsmen) and one that I don't know a thing about (megasapien) for free.

And now I'm absolutely torn, because at the same time over at The Croc The Riffbrokers and Lions in the Street are playing! I hope someone invents a cloning machine this week, because I need to be at both of these shows!


Anonymous said...

So what time is this?

Seattle Powerpop said...

According to the Dept of Energy's myspace page, it kicks off at 9pm.

Anonymous said...

awesome thanks :)