Thursday, August 24, 2006

My picks for the IPO

There are 32 (scratch that... I just checked the schedule and they've added an early band tonight. So, it's 33!) great bands playing the four-day International Pop Overthrow, which begins tonight at the Crocodile Cafe at 7:30pm. The whole darn thing is going to rock. But, here are my picks for the weekend.

Thursday, August 24
7:30pm - The Small Change
9:00pm - The Young Sportsmen

Friday, August 25
7:30pm - The Capillaries
8:30pm - Tiny Volcano
11:00pm - The Tripwires

Saturday, August 26
10:00pm - The Windbreakers
11:00pm - True West

Sunday, August 27
8:00pm - Phamous Phaces
8:30pm - The Glasses
11:00pm - Terrene

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