Monday, September 11, 2006

Buffalo Springfield tribute show on 9/15

There's a show this weekend at the Sunset Tavern that you might want to check out. It's a Buffalo Springfield tribute, featuring:

- The Riffbrokers
- Henry Boy
- Young Sportsmen
- and others.

I *think* this show is connected to the recent Buffalo Springfield tribue CD (that featured a track by The Riffbrokers). Perhaps Nick can confirm???

While I'm on the subject of the Sunset Tavern, Sgt. Major is playing an opening gig there on Saturday, as well.


Gwon said...

Bummer! Were it not for 2 wedding anniversarys in the band, we (Lund Bros.) would be participating in this show.

Rock on, brothers and sisters!

Anonymous said...

Friday the 15th come see the Riffbrokers and guests pay tribute to Buffalo Springfield at the Sunset. Not Lame Recordings finally released the tribute compilation "Five Way Street" we recorded Sit Down I Think I Love You for back in Dec. of '04. Its available at Doll Test will open the night with a set of their original great songs. ( Many scheduled acts had to back out of the trib nite due to assorted misfortunes) Then members of that band along with members of Riffbrokers, Young Sportsmen, Small Change, Henry Boy, Survey Cez will take the stage doing Springfield tunes