Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Ettes, The Purrs, & Village Green photos

I took in the rock show at the High Dive this evening, featuring The Ettes (from LA), The Purrs (local), and The Village Green (Portland, I think). Good time all around. Pretty darn crowded. But, fun. Here are some photos.

The Ettes were on first, and they were the most enjoyable band of the evening for me. It was a whirling dervish set, part garage rock and 60s pop. Imagine Dusty Springfield with a fuzzed out bass and crashing drums behind her.

This photo pretty well captures the energy of the rhythm section:

The Ettes bass & drums

This one is perhaps a bit more tame. But, not an altogether bad shot:

The Ettes guitar & drums

Up next were The Purrs. The crowd was giving them a loving send off for their tour, and they got a great response. As always, they lose me a little when they extend into the repetitive drone/jam sections. But, then they pull me back in with the dark, but catchy melodies and interesting guitar lines.

I was quite close to the stage at the beginning of their set and took a few good ones:

The Purrs

The Purrs

Finally, The Village Green took the stage. Vests are apparantly back in style, as each member was wearing one. The band seemed less rocking to me than when I saw them last, which, given, has been a while. They had more of a rootsy thing happening. But, in fairness, I got tired and headed home after 4 songs.

Played around with B&W for them:

The Village Green

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