Monday, September 25, 2006

First SPB podcast!

I'm tickled pink to present you with the first Seattle Powerpop Blog podcast! I mostly wanted to put this together to understand how podcasting is done. But, I really got into it and had fun. I'm planning to do more. But, one thing is certain: I need a better microphone!

Thanks to all the bands for flowing tracks my way. They are:

- Central Services with "4 Letter Word"
- The Doll Test with "Sings Without Sound"
- New West Motels with "Dumb"
- Tiny Volcano with "Loaded Gun"
- The Tripwires with "I Hear This Music"
- Friday Mile with "Dry"
- Shake Some Action with "I Can See Where This Is Going Now"
- Shorthand For Epic with "End Times"
- Plus, a "bonus track" (aka, an afterthought on my part) by my own band The Scheme called "Sidewalk Soundtrack."

I'm using podOmatic to post this. So, click the little play button below to hear the podcast, or you can follow the link to the iTunes version (although not being an iTunes user, I'm not sure what happens when you do!).

For those listening in by clicking the play button below, please note that if you surf away from this page, it will cut off the podcast. Let me know you have problems with the player. I don't think podOmatic is a permanent solution for my podcasting. But, it's a start.

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