Saturday, September 16, 2006

My underestimation of Doll Test

Why do I keep assuming things about Doll Test that prove to not be true? There is some weird disconnect with this band and my brain, and it always causes me to doubt how good they are. But, that's clearly my own shortcoming rather than theirs, because they just mailed me their brand new '06 release, titled Gasoline and Banks, and it has proven me wrong again.

I first heard these guys through their myspace page and I really liked the music. But, I hadn't seen them live. So, when the IPO rolled around, for some reason I thought I wasn't going to like them. But, I did... a lot. So, why then, when the CD shows up did I think I wasn't going to like it? I don't know. But, I've gotta get my head checked. I do like the disc. But, a little back story before I talk about it.

The Doll Test, if you don't know, was an experiment related to racial identity and was a factor of the Brown v. Board of Education decision on school segregation. You can read about this part of the story in other places.

That's the genesis of the band name. As to why they chose it, I don't know. Their website says they liked the story. But, the band story goes back further than the 2005 selection of this name, as these guys performed for the preceding decade as The Model Rockets (who put out records on C/Z back in the day).

So, enough history. This 5-song EP on Unsmashable Records is a great slice of what these guys are all about. It's driving and energetic without being overly macho or posturing. It's melodic and harmony-heavy without being strictly about the vocals. There's something really "American" about this disc. By that I mean except for "Scared Out of Your Mind" (track 3) I don't hear a lot of British influences, which is funny since they list John Lennon, The Jam and The Kinks as influences on their myspace page. The influence of the other bands listed on their site (Cheap Trick, Beach Boys and Sloan) are a little more evident on these recordings.

I'm going to end this rambling blog post and just suggest you pick up the disc or head to their myspace page to check them out. And, I promise you, Doll Test, that I won't continue to underestimate you.

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Great minds think alike -- we are about to post our September 2006 Imaginary Indie Tunes podcast, and we've got "Gasoline and Banks" on there...

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