Sunday, September 03, 2006

Young Sportsmen & Megasapien photos

(sorry if you looked previously and got dead images -- I had a file storage problem that I just had pointed out to me and fixed!)

I headed over to West Seattle to the Skylark Cafe, which is a cool little spot that I wish was closer to my house, to catch Dept. of Energy, Megasapien and Young Sportsmen.

Apparantly I had the start time wrong in my head (even though I clarified it in the previous post about the show!), because I arrived promptly at 9:30 to what I assumed was Dept. of Energy setting up their equipment. It turns out they were breaking down their equipment, as they had just finished their set. That sucked! But, I did catch Megasapien and Young Sportsmen. Below are some photos with a few comments.

First up for me was Megasapien. This group features Lian Light of Magneto on guitar and vocals (see next photo). They were densely textured with her voice serving as a nice balance to the pounding.

For some reason, Megasapien reminded me of Pond a couple of times. Not sure why, except for perhaps the hyper drumming and thick texture of the bass. They didn't really sound like Pond otherwise. Here's a photo of the rhythm section. This is my favorite shot of these two, primarily because he's playing with a broken drum stick. :)

Up next was Young Sportsmen. I like these guys a lot, but I always draw blanks when it comes time to talk about them. So, I spent the entire set (in addition to just enjoying the music, of course) trying to figure out good comparisons for them. I'm still pretty well stumped. Perhaps some Superdrag mixed with pieces of The Figgs in their more rock moments.

On the way home after the show, I was listening to Little Steven's Underground Garage (which is on 103.7 "the mountain" on Saturday nights, apparantly!) and they played a Sex Pistols track. That's when it hit me that a lot of the guitar work in Young Sportsmen reminds me of several 1977 UK punk bands with that sort of driving, power chord, Gibson guitar thing.... in a good way.

Random thought: Young Sportsmen did a great cover of Guided By Voices' "motor away."

And, here are some random photos of the rock show.

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