Friday, October 20, 2006

Peter Parker, Racetrack, Pale Pacific photos

I just got in from the Peter Parker reunion/Racetrack farewell show down at the YMCA "Fusion Lounge." I arrived too late and missed the Patience Please show. Stupid I-5 traffic!!

But, I walked in the door as Peter Parker was beginning their first tune. For both Peter Parker and Racetrack I had horrible sight lines and zero ability to take good photos. I was mostly on a chair during the Peter Parker set.

They put on a really rockin' show that brought to mind any number of solid indierock acts -- "No Pocky For Kitty"-era Superchunk, Sebadoh, Pavement, Redd Kross, etc. Pretty tight and together for having not played a show in four years!

Peter Parker

I like the oddness of this shot. Lights from the stage and gray backdrop gives it a "green screen" quality.

Peter Parker

Up next was Racetrack, in what is their final Seattle performance. If you're a fan and want to roadtrip, they're playing in Bellingham tomorrow night for their actual last show ever. See their myspace page for info.

It's virtually impossible to take a non-blurry shot of their tasmanian devil bassist.


It's considerably easier to take a non-blurry photo of their rather stoic (in an endearing way) singer/guitarist -- who, by the way, has a tattoo of the state of Washington on her left arm.


Closing out the night was The Pale Pacific. While the rest of the crowd took a break from the stage area, I took the opportunity to find my way up to the front for some better photo ops. I sacrificed my left ear for the photos, since I was directly in front of the PA system.

I also got to watch the Pale Pacific set up their gear. They interact with one another like a band that is somewhat tired of each other's company. But, not in an annoying roommate kind of way... more like when you're on vacation with your family -- you don't love them any less, you're just ready to not be around them. I'm willing to believe it's just the semi-jaded look of a band that's set up for a ton of shows. But, they just looked tired and lifeless.

They did cause me to chuckle just before starting. The singer went to get some water bottles and the guitar player annouced that he was in the bathroom. When everyone laughed, he said something like "it's not funny, IBS [blogger note: that's Irritable Bowel Syndrome, in case you didn't know] is a serious ailment."

Anyway, once the set started, the "tired and lifeless" vibe went away, as they were strong, solid and poppy. I'm not sure what these guys are doing now or have been doing lately. It seemed like they were poised to really break out in '05. But, unless I've just missed it all, it seems like it's been quiet on The Pale Pacfic front lately [checking their website, they did some recording and touring earlier this year, but it seems less news from April foward].

The Pale Pacific


matt said...

Actually, that's tattoo of the state of Montana on Meghan's arm. Racetrack, MT is the namesake of the band, and there's star for Racetrack's location on the tattoo. She got it on Tuesday.

The Pale Pacific have been taking things easy lately. Both Gabe (lead singer) and Greg (drummer) got married this past Spring. Their cover of Billy Joel's "Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)" on their Myspace page is farking awesome!

ps: the last-last Racetrack show in Bellingham (with Peter Parker and the Pale Pacific, as well as Matt Fu and Typical Ace) was INCREDIBLE. and beautiful. and sad.

Racetrack will be sorely missed.

Seattle-Powerpop said...

Ah, Montana! Told ya I had bad sight lines.

And thanks for the insight on the Pale Pacific activities. Hopefully they'll be more active soon!

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