Saturday, October 28, 2006

Presidents of the USA live video

PUSA with "kick out the jams" (including a "shout" breakdown) live in Belfast. This is a study in rock musicians being able to get a crowd of people to do just about anything in a rediculous sing-along format.

By the way, checking out their clothes in this cut, I have to ask: Is "Banker Chic" in style now? If so, I can rock that shit. One of the oddities of being a mid-30s academic adviser is that no matter how tattered or indie-rock it is on other people, if I put on any kind of blazer or sport coat, I look like a banker.

This video was filmed by Stef Rider, who informs me,
"I'm a friend/fan of the band, and the opportunity to follow them around in Europe and film a mini live tour video came up in May... due to unforseen circumstances, the video isn't finished yet (although it should be up in about a month) but while everyone's been waiting on me I put up some live clips on YouTube from a few of the shows."

So, keep an eye out for that!

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