Thursday, October 26, 2006

Speaker Speaker on 107.7 Sunday

Just got an email regarding Speaker Speaker appearing Sunday on The Young and The Restless show on 107.7 The End. Here's the email:

Just thought I'd let you know that Speaker Speaker is playing live on 107.7 The End's local music show, the Young and the Restless, this Sunday night. The show is 8-10pm, and the band should be on around 9. They'll be playing live versions of songs from their unreleased album, Call It Off, as well as chatting with host Chris Travis (and Stranger Interim Music Editor Megan Seling?). Maybe they'll take requests? Maybe they'll spin some songs from the album? You just don't know. You just. don't. know.

But it will be awesome! They are also promoting their upcoming show at the Vera Project/YMCA on Nov. 4th, with the Lashes, No-Fi Soul Rebellion, and the Neons! Feel free to share on your SP blog.

You can also listen live at, AND it will be archived on the site as well, at least for a week..

So, now you know!

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