Sunday, October 08, 2006

Studio 66 "report" w/photos

I took in the next-to-last Studio 66 for the year down at Lo Fi Gallery tonight. There is only one more of these for the year (Decmeber, I believe). So, be sure to hit the next one if you missed this one.

The bands for the night were Cantona and the Boss Martians. As usual for Studio 66, there was also go go dancers and image projection on the wall beside the bands. More on that later.

But, first up was Cantona, who I liked quite a bit, in spite of their bass player's nagging technical issues. And when I say nagging, I mean for him moreso than the crowd. As a fellow bassist, it was noticeable to me. But, he soldiered on and I'm sure 90% of the room didn't notice. The set was otherwise great, and I was pleased with my first chance to see them perform.

The photos I took of Cantona are considerably artier than my normal fare, thanks to my experimentation with the lighting settings on my camera. They're not great, but these two are interesting. Apparantly my new camera has a "set subject on fire" setting of which I wasn't aware!



While Cantona performed, the go go dancers did their thing. Now, I usually keep the blog pretty positive, but I've gotta say I'm consistently underwhelmed with Tangerine Tonic. Don't get me wrong, I love the *idea* of go go dancers at the show. But, these ladies often make me more uncomfortable than entertained.

Tonight, for example, I was afraid this particular dancer's somewhat awkward gyrations (pictured below) were going to cause her to fall off her little box. There was literally a moment in which I wondered to myself if I'd have enough time to set my drink down before having to catch her, or if I'd just have to pitch it in order to get there in time. In that moment, it wasn't a matter of if she was going to fall, it was more like when. Thankfully, it never materialized.

Tangerine Tonic

Anyway, back to the show. After a short DJ set that featured some great cuts, including "Fun" by Sly and the Family Stone, who I adore, the Boss Martians took the stage. They rocked the house, although their instrument volume was a little too much for the little Lo Fi PA system. Thus, I couldn't hear the vocals as much as I would've liked. But, that didn't keep it from being an enjoyable set.

Boss Martians

Interesting side note: At the Boss Martians's merch table they also have a donation jar for gas money and van repairs. I wonder how much they earn with that thing?

Final note: What was up with the image projections that were on the wall all night. Normally they're cool. Tonight, they seemed out of left field. They were odd, occasionally disturbing and not so mod or jazzy, although possibly a bit psychedelic in a creepy way. :)

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