Saturday, October 14, 2006

Suburban powerpop moment

Although I imagine he'd shoot me if he knew I was posting this (Jon, do you read the blog?), I had a very suburban powerpop moment this evening. My wife and I were at the Target in Lynnwood (about 30 minutes north of Seattle), and I happened to notice a sale on cordouroy jackets. So, I tried one on and wandered over to the mirror in the men's section to see how it looked.

After glancing in the mirror, I turned to find Mr. Jon Auer doing the same (only with a nice pinstriped jacket). We said hello and exchanged some small talk. Not much more to tell you about the encounter. I just love random powerpop moments like that in life.

But, rather than just outing us as Target shoppers, I'll give you some Jon Auer news to make this seem like a legit post. Jon's headed to Europe in a few weeks for a full month of dates in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Belgum, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Scotland.

I encourage you to support Jon and his new pinstriped jacket by buying his latest solo disc, titled "Songs From The Year Of Our Demise." You can get a taste via this mp3 of the song "Six Feet Under."

Travel safely, Jon, and don't kick my ass for posting about your Target shopping trip when you get back!

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