Thursday, November 09, 2006

Boycrush & The Little Heroes @ Comet tonight (11/9)

Down at ye ol' Comet Tavern tonight (thursday, 11/9) you will find Boycrush (locals) and The Little Heroes (from California).

Thusfar, the recordings I've heard from Boycrush haven't blown me away. But, any band that lists The Jam, The Clash, Elvis Costello and The Kinks as influences is barking up my tree.



Anonymous said...

I went to this show and was surprised how by how much BC rocked. Their all white outfits and instruments were an intersting addition too. These guys need some better recordings, but you should really check them out live. The crowd seemed to know their songs and was dancing along accordingly.

Seattle-Powerpop said...

Thanks for the feedback. I do need to check them out live. I might try to catch the show on Thursday.