Friday, November 17, 2006

New Ghosts & Liars mp3

Ghosts and Liars just posted a new tune on their myspace page and it's another excellent slice of pop. I'm really excited about this band, which rose from the ashes of the dearly departed Some By Sea.

When the first Ghosts and Liars song was posted on myspace (called "Sunsets on the Side") just after SbS broke up, I immediately fell in love with it. The second song they've posted is a demo of a song called "We'll Carry On." Here's a link to the song in mp3 format.

As an early teaser and heads up for the future, Ghosts and Liars will be on the bill for the next SPB Powerpop Night (which is most likely going to be at the Comet Tavern in January). More details soon. But, for now, enjoy G&L in mp3 form, and do check out their myspace page to hear the other tune.

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