Wednesday, November 01, 2006

New Vanilla disc

I hope to get my hands on a copy for a full review soon. So, consider this a general heads up that Vanilla has a new record out. Who is Vanilla, you ask? I'll let them answer that for you:

Vanilla is a musical project and a record and a band. Made up of veteran musicians from Tacoma, WA, Vanilla features Jayson Jarmon and Scott McPherson (formerly the principal songwriters of Liar's Club), Sean Gaffney, and Dana Sims (The Jet City Fix). The project also features a combination of players who make up the "Tiny-Vanillacano Club" family of Tacoma pop bands -- members of Vanilla, Tiny Volcano, and Liar's Club.

What I'm hearing on their myspace page makes me think it's more classic powerpop from these guys. Very clean and clear production with little in the way of ragged and jagged edges. Melodic and pleasant.

You can get their disc through Not Lame and probably others, as well.

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