Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Small Change on Friday

I mentioned this show in the "shows for the week" post a few days ago. But, as The Small Change are one of my favorite local bands, it's worth repeating. And I'm not just doing so because I'm playing bass in Shake Some Action, who is also on the bill. ;)

The Small Change have an absolutely addictive mix pop and 1960s motown-ish soul. Think Elvis Costello and the Attractions "Get Happy" album, with more guitar and more gusto.

Here's a sample of two of their songs via CD Baby:

"Last Piece of the Puzzle"
"Cheating A Cheat"

I've sent some questions to them via myspace for an interview. I'm hoping to run that before the show. But, whether or not I do, you should plan on seeing them on Friday. They don't seem to be playing a lot these days. So, catch them now.

For fun, here's a picture of them with Kiss make up on. :)

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