Thursday, December 21, 2006

Damn you, Capillaries!!

For some reason, the cosmos or allah or sheer coincidence doesn't want me to see the Capillaries anymore. I really like these guys. So, why is that that literally everytime they play, I've got a conflict?

They're playing at the O Lounge (I don't know a thing about this place... anyone been?) on Saturday (12/23). But, I'm simultaneously playing over at The Crocodile at Imaginary Liz's birthday part with Shake Some Action.

So, now you powerpop fans have a decision to make. If you choose The Capillaries, do me a favor and take some pictures and give me a report for the blog. It's what I'd be doing if I were not playing.


Anonymous said...

the Shake Some Action show starts an hour early (doors at 8) so I bet you could catch both!

Seattle Powerpop said...

Good theory... But, SSA probably won't get off stage until 10:30 or so, which wouldn't leave time for me to get to Capillaries by the time I load up my gear.

Definately my loss, though.