Friday, December 22, 2006

Proposed nightclub license legislation released

Over on the Seattle Nightlife and Music Association site, they noted that the Washington State Liquor Control Board has released their proposed legislation [the link=pdf of the legislation] on nightclubs.

Quoting from the SNMA:
Potential restrictions/conditions placed on nightclubs. A major concern of this legislation is that any business defined as a nightclub could not allow persons under 21 on their premises, thereby eliminating all-ages shows at places that serve alcohol. It could also prevent restaurants that have live entertainment in the evenings from serving families lunch and dinner. In addition, this bill would allow WSLCB along with local law enforcement to establish conditions on a nightclub’s operations. These conditions would likely include mandatory security requirements and conditions currently identified in many of the city’s good neighbor agreements.

Please contact you legislator and the WSLCB to express you opinion about this legislation. We will need to mount an aggressive campaign to fight this bill. You can find your legislators at Please cc on your emails to your elected officials so that we can have a central place for these correspondence.


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