Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Scenes within scenes

Here's another of my not-fully-formed thoughts:

The Unsmashable show on thursday got me thinking and recognizing that there are groups of bands that are friends of other bands within the powerpop "community" in Seattle (is it a community or multiple smaller communities?). So, which bands are down with which other bands?

There seems to be a pretty strong connection in the Unsmashable neck of the woods -- Young Sportsmen, The Riffbrokers, The Small Change, The Doll Test. All solid bands, and seemingly friends who share band members liberally.

Also somewhat connected, at least by a few members in any given direction, is a gathering (past and present) that includes: The Doll Test, Model Rockets, Paul Lynde Fanclub, The Tripwires, Pure Joy, Sgt. Major, and Llama.

Via Sgt. Major we get into the Kurt Bloch related groups, such as Young Fresh Fellows, Once For Kicks, and The Fastbacks, and Kurt is connected to Scott McCaughey in YFF and The Minus 5, in which he is also connected back to the previous group via John Ramberg in The Tripwires/Model Rockets.

The Minus 5 of course also had members of The Posies along the way. So, we get into the Jon Auer/Mike Musburger line of thinking, and it seems Mike's probably played with all of these folks at some point or another. :)

In a totally different line of folks (maybe??), there's what I perceive as a less-defined connection with The Lashes, Sirens Sister, The Divorce, and The Neons, with maybe The Turn Ons and The Blakes in the mix somewhere. I don't know if there really is a literal connection with these bands in the same way as the Unsmashable folks. But, I generally think of them in the same breath (to mix a metaphor).

And in the next corner, there is a Boss Martians, the Pranks, The Electric Kisses, The Pop Machine and some others. These folks are a little more garage in their approach (save for maybe The Pranks) and driven by the 60s in a similar way as The Ramones or The Muffs were. Again, not exactly sure if there are literal relationships between these bands (other than the Pranks/Boss Martians blood relations), or if I'm just connecting faux journalistic dots.

An obvious collective approch exists with the Tiny Volcano, Vanilla, Liar's Club triumvarate. But, I'm not sure who else might be in that clique.

Anyway, it's almost 5pm and time for me to go home for the day. So, I'll end this pointless ramble of a blog post. But, these connections are pretty interesting to think about. Maybe I'll one day give a shot at one of those relationship diagrams. :)

What are some other sub-communities, or band enclaves with shared members?

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Stef said...

i've also been very curious about band connections in seattle... especially the doll test/model rockets/sgt major/tripwires etc ones. being a friend of the presidents, i've met a handful of these people and have been exposed to their bands... and then to others... and so on. it's pretty rad. these guys have all played together at one point or another, it seems. especially mike musburger. he's subbed in so many bands in seattle it's ridiculous. haha!