Sunday, December 10, 2006

SHIM & Young Sportsmen photos

I took in the SHIM/Young Sportsmen/Ruby Doe show at the High Dive last night and snapped some photos.

SHIM was up first, and it was their CD release show. What can I say about these guys. First, they are a 100% irony free arena rock band stuck in a club-sized body. Replete with smoke machines, big stage lights and more rock than the High Dive is perhaps used to, they opened the night and set the bar high.

They're one of those groups that, if they get seen by people with power in the music industry, could follow in the footsteps of someone like Jet. That's not to say they're as obviously derivative as Jet. But, I could see that kind of a career arc.

At various time in their set, SHIM's music reminded me of Thin Lizzy, Queens of the Stone Age, KISS and, at one point, Audioslave. But, in truth, I enjoyed them way more than those touchpoints might normally suggest.



Young Sportsmen are a band that on most nights are among the most rocking bands on a given bill. But, tonight they had the daunting task of following the SHIM onslaught. Of course, it's not exactly comparing apples to apples in that Young Sportsmen are way more concerned with melody than SHIM. But on a micro-level, it was a bit like KISS opening for Cheap Trick - you could love both bands, but it's clear which has the bigger stage show. Anyway, as always, they put on a great set with good tunes and a solid performance. That's one thing you can say about Young Sportsmen -- they are reliable as a swiss watch when it comes to the rock.

Young Sportsmen


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