Monday, December 11, 2006

Shows for week of 12/11

Here are some cool pop shows for this week.

Monday, 12/11
Jonathan Richman at the Tractor Tavern

Tuesday, 12/12
Dressy Bessy, Bedroom Walls, and Model Photographer at Chop Suey

Wednesday, 12/13
Central Services, Jon Auer, Collapsichord at the Crocodile

Thursday, 12/14
Northwest Harvest benefit featuring The Lashes, Romance, The Girls and The Prids at the Funhouse

Friday, 12/15
Lund Bros, Bre Loughlin, Aaron Samuels and Ian Jones at the Skylark Cafe

Saturday, 12/16
Speaker Speaker, Boat, Shorthand for Epic, Patience Please and Ghosts & Liars at the last Paradox show ever. A veritable whose who of young hip rock peeps.

The Clash's London Calling cover night at The Sunset Tavern, which features another veritable whose who of other young hip rock peeps!! Bands and members from bands including Sgt. Major, The Tripwires, The Small Change, Llama, The Cops, and many more.

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