Saturday, December 02, 2006

Small Change & Shake Some Action photos

I was at the Jules Maes last night for the Four Colour Process, Shake Some Action, The Small Change gig... which is not surprising since I play in Shake Some Action. But, I snapped some photos while there.

First up was the Four Colour Process. These guys have a very radio-friendly "modern rock" sound that wouldn't sound out of place in a rotation between Maroon 5 and The Fray. They're good at what they do -- solid playing, good vocals -- but it really wasn't for me. A tad too slick and commercial for my own tastes.

The Four Colour Process

Shake Some Action took the stage next. I snapped this photo of James while he was setting up.

Shake Some Action

Ending the night was the always-energetic The Small Change. Although there was very little in the way of a crowd, they still turned it on, full blast. Indeed, Greg actually smashed his guitar about 4 songs in. Unfortunately, I wasn't quick enough on the photo trigger to capture that moment.

After playing a handful of songs sans guitar (at which point they really *did* sound like Costello's "Get Happy" album, which was just fine by me!), local hero Kurt Bloch took Greg's smashed tele, laid it onto the pool table, go the doorman to get some tools, and got it back in working order. Well done, sir!

The Small Change pre guitar smashery

The Small Change with six fewer strings

The Small Change - Kurt to the rescue

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