Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Stranger on Shorthand for Epic

There's a piece on Shorthand for Epic over at The Stranger (and I assume in the print version this week, as well).

It's a "getting to know you" piece that thin on discussion of their music -- save for the one-line description of "their the-Jam-playing-Arcade-Fire-songs-produced-by-Phil Spector sound" and Billy's assertion that their song structures share some commonalities with Foreigner. But, it's good to see them getting more press, even if they take the opportunity to make some un-PC comments about "retards love them some Huey [Lewis]." .... you'll just have to read the article for context on that one. :)

You can catch them at the show that I am dubbing "the young guns of Seattle indie rock" show at the Paradox this Saturday with Boat, Speaker Speaker, Ghosts & Liars, and Patience Please. This is the last show at the Paradox before that venue makes changes the ladies of Make Believe go off and do their own thing in the realm of show booking and promotion.


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