Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What happened to Skinny Productions?

Pretty random question. But, I was just clicking around the web and looking at some of my older bookmarks. When I went to what used to be the Skinny Productions website, I found the tell tale signs of an abandoned URL. So, I thought perhaps they had gone myspace-only or something. But, that's dead, as well.

Anyone know the story?


matt said...

At some point not too long ago, Skinny Productions became Skinny Touring. Or rather, the tour-booking part of Skinny became the focus, while the Productions part became less of the focus. I think. I'm not entirely sure.

I do know that Skinny Productions just had their 2-year anniversary show at the Paradox on Saturday 12/02, with Menomena (!!!) and 31 Knots. It was mentioned in Megan Seling's Underage column in The Stranger for the past week.

And while the Skinny Productions links may be dead, the Skinny Touring links are not.

Seattle-Powerpop said...

Ah... interesting timing for me to ask at the same time of the Stranger piece. The cosmos are random sometimes. :)

Anyhoo, thanks for the update and info! I didn't make the delineation between skinny productions and skinny touring. But, good to hear they're still at it.

Travis said...

hey, email alina@skinnytouring.com if you want details. shes nice.

basically, the guy who had purchased skinny productions site decided he didnt want to host the site late one night. so skinny touring was the best option, as alina mostly books tours.


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Acetrax8 said...

None of those skinny touring sites currently work. Where are they now?