Monday, January 29, 2007

Action in The Color Bars camp

I've been randomly monitoring a number of band pages for some signs of life. The Color Bars were slipping into the realm of those that I just assumed nothing was outwardly going on.

Well, they've given an overhaul to their website and their myspace page and posted some new recordings from their impending new record, which appears to be titled "Kairos At Infinity." The songs they've posted are strong. Hit the link to check out Ja Mata Shibuya, Id Incinerator and Pretty Krinkled. They're a little "trippy," while still poppy. But, very cool. Id Incinerator manages to bring to mind the Beach Boys and ELO, while still managing a moment of electronica drum break two-thirds of the way through the song.

I've sent these guys a few messages to no response. They're quite secretive, it seems. Or maybe just holed up in a studio.

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