Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Evan Foster (Boss Martians) solo disc

I just saw that Evan Foster of the Boss Martians is releasing a solo disc. Here's the annoucement:

For the Surf/Garage/Primitve instro Rock & Roll fans out there!!! Check out Martians guitar man Evan Foster's 1st solo effort entitled "Instrumentals"!!!

Evan's joined by partner in crime Dusty Watson on drums (drummer for Dick Dale, Agent Orange, Supersuckers!) and features some guest keyboard wizardry coutesy of the Martians' own NickC. Songs from this disc have already been featured on Miami: CSI, MTV's Maui Fever and in several Indie films!!!


Double Crown Records / The Continental Magazine said...

This is old news - his solo disc came out a couple of years ago on MuSick Records. It's great though - he shows off his chops on a great set of surf, instro and rock n' roll tunes.

Double Crown Records

Seattle Powerpop said...

Yeah, it's a 2004 release, which I didn't realize until after posting that. But, oddly, they sure are posting it about like it just happened. See the Boss Martians myspace blog (dated Jan 30) about it.

Maybe it's because they just set up a myspace page for his solo efforts. Dunno....