Saturday, January 06, 2007

Llama/Tripwires/Lund Bros photos

I headed down to the Tractor Tavern to see the Lund Brothers/The Tripwires/Llama show last night. Good show all around. I think it's a sign of my age that I'm finding Friday night shows harder to attend than Saturday night shows, because I tuckered out about 6 songs into Llama's set. But, overall it was a solid night of music.

The Lund Brothers from down Tacoma way opened the night. I had been trying to catch them for a while but they (like The Capillaries) are one of those bands that always seems to have shows on nights when I've got alternate plans. But, thankfully, I could catch them this evening.

Those guys are pretty darn rock n' roll. I was riffing with my friend David about who they remind us of. The names we were throwing around included Cheap Trick, You Am I, and the more rocking side of The Posies.

The Lund Brothers' Gwon Chang

The Lund Brothers' Chris Lund

Second on the bill was The Tripwires. I've gushed about them plenty in the past. So, no need to rehash it too much. I just really dig their sound and their songs.

The Tripwires' Jim Sangster

Closing out the night was Llama. As I said earlier, I kind of ran out of steam during their set, so I wasn't digging it as much as I thought I was going to. But, I'm perfectly willing to chalk that up to being tired, because I've always enjoyed them in the past.

Llama's Scott 5

Llama's Rusty Willoughby

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