Saturday, January 27, 2007

New West Motels photos

Okay, first and foremost, New West Motels have changed their name to Red Sky. According to Rob, the name New West Motels had people thinking they were an band (presumably because it's a Walkabout's album title...??). I think it's a pretty great band name. But, either way, they unveiled themselves as Red Sky at the Global Cooling benefit last night.

I arrived just as a hip hop duo was finishing their set. I had time to say hello to Rob and Charis and then New West Mo... er... Red Sky took the stage. I snapped these photos. Given their name change, it's quite appropriate that all my photos turned out with a heavy red tint.

Red Sky - Rob Sharp

Red Sky - Rob & Max

After they finished, Optimus Rhyme took the stage. I said to my friend David as they geared up, "these guys definitely started this band after getting high in their dorm room." I mean, they took their name from the Transformers, for goodness sake. They were totally high. :)

Anyway, although it's probably not fair to them, it just sounded like warmed over 311 to me. I didn't realize college kids still dug that stuff. Shows ya how out of touch I am with the youth of today, because the whole thing felt very 1993 to me... said while recognizing that I didn't even make it through one full song.

I had hoped to stay to hear Conservative Dad, a poppy band with a horrible name but a good sound (at least on their myspace page). "Bent Out" is a cool tune, and I look forward to hearing more from these guys.

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