Tuesday, January 16, 2007

NW bands @ Radio Heartbeat Fest

In March, Radio Heartbeat out of Brooklyn, NY is having what they call the first ever NYC powerpop festival. Tey say they have finalized the line up, and there are a number of Northwest bands on the bill, including:

The Nice Boys, Portland
The Suspicions, Seattle
The Pop Machine, Seattle

I don't know about this "first ever" declaration, especially since the International Pop Overthrow is held there. A lot of the bands seem more on the garage-pop tip. But, it looks like a pretty cool series of shows.

Congrats to our NW friends for making the bills!


Anonymous said...

So the International Pop Overthrow has bands like Muck and the Mires and The Gripweeds play, but the bands playing Radio Heartbeat festival are garage-pop? Uhhh...

Seattle-Powerpop said...

Actually, I didn't mean that IPO never had garage-pop (of which I am actually a big fan). Rather, I was commenting on the dubious declaration that the Radio Heartbeat fest was "the first ever" in NY. Indeed, the similarities of some of the bands on the two bills underscore the point I was trying to make!

(of course, I'm probably saying this to no one, since this post has fallen from the front page and might not be seen!!)