Thursday, January 11, 2007

Travel story and snow photos

My drive home from The Crocodile last night about midnight was an interesting experience in spotty weather. As I drove on surface streets downtown, the snow continued, but the roads were completely clear. As I got onto I-5 at Mercer, the same was true. I accelerated onto the highway at a clip of 60 mph.

This held until I crossed the Ship Canal Bridge, at which point the swirling snow became as thick as a full box of packing peanuts (nice analogy, eh?) and I had to slow it down. The roads were still relatively clear, until I hit the exit for 85th. By then the roads were completely white, slowing me to about 30.

As I continued north, the snow continued but the roads cleared around Northgate. Back up to about 45 mph. But, then around 145th, it got more nasty. The roads were not only white, but thick with snow. And these conditions persisted all the way to Edmonds.

It was that great kind of snow. Sticky, almost penetrating in its ability to just turn everything white.

This morning, the snow had finally ceased. But, we ended up with three to four inches of the stuff, and our roads are a mess (by Seattle standards - I know my friend David is laughing at us all right now. He's from Boston). Thus, I have time to post this lengthy blog about snow (having called out of work). Here are a few shots I snapped from our front balcony this morning around 8:30 a.m.

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