Friday, February 02, 2007

The Comet tomorrow (2/3)... good pop music

This week has been a long one for some reason. So, TGIF! My rock show for the weekend is down at The Comet with Dept of Energy, The Sea Navy, Spanish for 100 and The Mona Reels.

I've written plenty about Dept of Energy and The Sea Navy in the past. But, in addition to hearing them, I'm quite excited to hear The Mona Reels.

The Mona Reels are from Olympia and have a great lighter pop sound. But, not in a fey kind of way. I had seen their name around a bunch, but I hadn't checked out their stuff until seeing their name on this bill, and I really like what I hear at their myspace page. The band has existed for quite some time with a variety of line up changes and releases along the way. Head over to their site and listen to songs from their new maxi-single ("Come On Mona" and "The Way You Show Your Love"). Good stuff!

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