Friday, February 09, 2007

Whatcha doing at 4pm Sunday?

I'll tell you what you're doing. You're going to 4 O'Clock Rock at The Sunset Tavern (who have one of the worst websites on the face of the planet. I lose just a bit more of my vision each time I go there).

The line up for the show is:

Lund Brothers
Young Sportsmen
Rootbeer Barrels

Starting off the show are the Rootbeer Barrels, which is a new group featuring Dick Rossette of Twink the Wonderkid and 107.7. Their myspace page refused to open any music, which could be either because myspace sucks sometimes or because they're so new they haven't loaded any music yet. Or both. I can literally tell you nothing else about them, except that they made a flyer for the show (see below) and didn't list the other two bands. That ain't cool!

It seems that the Young Sportsmen are on second (at least according to the listings in the papers and on the Sunset site), although I previously thought they were last. You know the deal on them. But, if you don't, here is my stream of consciousness version of describing them: Rock. Energy. Superdrag. Harmony. Ted Leo. Guitars. Volume. The Figgs. Great stuff.

Then comes The Lund Brothers, my appreciation of whom has grown stronger since seeing them live at the Tractor recently. I had always enjoyed their recordings. But, they never really got their hooks in me for any kind of long-term swoon. Well, it all came together in a live setting. Powerpop with non-cheesy classic rock elements. Kind of a Cheap Trick meets Dwight Twilley thing, but less rootsy and more rock. Totally tight harmonies and really good songs.


Gwon said...

Thanks for the write-up, Gary. Show order is


See you there!


dt scheme said...

OK, the Sunset website may be super old-school....but they have Pong! (so, maybe it's intentionally old school?) You must give them props for that. If you do not, I may have to accuse you of having no sense of humor, which I just did to some anonymous commenteer who left the one-word review "boring" to your post of the Clean Prophets "John Tesh" video ... don't make me do this....there's only so many fights I can start on your blog on your birtday!
Have a happy one!!!