Sunday, March 25, 2007

Heavy Hearts, Purrs, Shake Some Action photos

I was down at the Sunset Tavern Saturday night, playing a show with Shake Some Action. It was a good time, with a great turn out. Here are some photos and thoughts:

The Heavy Hearts have a lot of amplification. There were 16 guitar/bass amp speakers on stage during their performance (8 bass, 8 guitar). And the drummer uses a converted floor tom as a snare. They're are the monster truck rally of rock and roll -- big and loud and in your face. They're ultimately not my cup of tea, but good at what they do.

The Heavy Hearts - Denise

The Purrs came on next. The guys told me they're currently recording their new record and that it's going well. They busted out quite a few new tunes during their set. They've got this mid-tempo swirl that is mildly psychedelic while still song-oriented. James from SSA suggested the Verve as a reference point, and I can get behind that.

The Purrs - Jason

The Purrs - Craig

Shake Some Action! ended the night, with a pleasantly surprising (at least to us) earlier than advertised start time. We were sure we wouldn't hit the stage until 12:30am or so. Turns out, we were on by 11:50. Hurrah for timliness! ... That's not a very rock-n-roll thing to say, is it?

Of course I was on stage during the SSA! set, but I did snap a photo of James hanging out with Imaginary Dana backstage.

Dana and James

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