Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sarah Shannon on Thursday

Another show that I forgot to mention when I was running down the list of things to do for the week features Sarah Shannon, Robb Benson and The Hope appearing at the Tractor Tavern on Thursday, March 29. Sarah Shannon is the former singer of beloved-by-many 1990s indie pop act Velocity Girl (who released records on local Sub Pop).

And who didn't have a crush on her back then... and maybe still does now? (note to wife: Sarah might be on my "get out of jail free" list)

Sarah's new stuff is in a completely different vein than VG, but I like both. The songs that I've heard via her myspace page and website seem very 70s a.m. radio influenced in the same way that local Andy Werth is -- meaning, it's on the lighter side of things, but bouncy and poppy and melodic in a classic way (but she seems a little more "broadway" than Andy). It's kind of a shame that Andy and his band isn't opening this show. But, fret not, because Robb Benson (Dept. of Energy) and The Hope will surely do a fine job.

I have to admit total ignorance because I had no idea that Sarah lived here in Seattle until right now. And now that "get out of jail free" line up there just seems weird and creepy. :)

I assumed she was in D.C., since that was home of Velocity Girl. But, obviously that was a decade ago and I haven't been following her activities since that band. Her Seattle band features Katie Freeze (from The Hope), Sonny Votolato (of his own damn right), Paul Pugliese (Slender Means), Adam Fream (maybe Blue Sky Mile??), and Sarah Nelson (not sure...).

So, long story short, this is a worth while way to spend your Thursday evening. I can't make the show, however. So, if anyone goes, take some photos and send me a report. You can be the first SPB correspondent.

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Anonymous said...

She is the hottness. Killer voice.