Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Seattle musicians' thoughts on You Am I, part 2

As soon as I posted the first one, a second one came in. No sense in waiting around to post it!!!

Greg Collinsworth from The Small Change:

My first You Am I exposure was in 1997 while I was working at a wine warehouse with The Doll Test/Model Rocket's bass player Boyd. He played Hourly, Daily for me and (if you've ever heard The Small Change then you know) I found my purpose in life - ripping off an obscure Australian rock band. Seriously. No, but I was taken with those super fucking smart lyrics that seemed more like stream-of-consciousness style ramblings that rhymed and that music that fucking rocked. I had, at 25, my teenage "That guy gets me" moment.

All this before I saw them live.

Then in the beautiful year of 1998, I saw You Am I twice - TWICE - at the Croc with about 50 other people. I don't remember it all - believe it or not, You Am I and drinking go well together - but I do remember Tim going into the crowd to kiss a girl and then, so as not to offend her boyfriend, kissing him too. That is rock and roll. I remember Rusty being the best fucking drummer on the planet both of those nights - Keith Mooning his ass off. I remember 'Baby Clothes'! One of the best songs ever written -

"Just 'cause I'm spoon-fed on milo and cheese
don't go shootin' every dog just 'cause one of us have got fleas"

I don't even know what that means, but it fucking rocks.

Go see this show or you are a fool. And I know they still have it because I just saw them in New York on Sunday...and they played 'Baby Clothes'.

Here's hoping the whole damn city shows up tonight, Greg Change.

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