Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Seattle Musicians' thoughts on You Am I, part 3

Well, looks like I was able to hear from at least three Seattle musicians in celebration of the randomly deemed You Am I Day here at the Seattle Powerpop Blog. Not bad for a late morning idea.

David Thompson of The Scheme:

My ex-girlfriend introduced me to You Am I .... we had their "Lo Fi Way" recorded on a blank tape with the Lily's "Better Can't Make Your Life Better" on the other side and we played it to death while driving around Boston. Both are great albums that don't sound too terribly alike but I didn't know anything about either band and couldn't remember which was which until they both happened to come to town in the same month. Sadly, the Lilys were a mess live but You Am I completely blew me away. What showmen! My favorite bit was when frontman Tim Rogers would point to a spot on the floor, do a giant scissor kick and land on that spot. ROCK 'n' ROLL! My friend Paul imitated that move on stage for months later. Probably still does.

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