Sunday, March 11, 2007

SPB Powerpop Night photos

It was another fun evening of music at the 3rd SPB Powerpop Night. Here are some thoughts and photos:

Kurt Hagardorn opened the show. I realized last week that I've known Kurt for 20 years, since we were both in bands in Tennessee. We both ended up in the PacNW, with him in Portland and me here in Seattle. So, it was cool to have him come up and be on the bill.

Kurt Hagardorn

Kurt and his pedal steel player, whose name completely escapes me right now.

Following Kurt's set, The Riffbrokers took the stage. This was my first chance to see them with their new/old fourth member, Scott Sutherland (from The Doll Test and Llama). It was a great set with good energy (and excellent guitar tones). In the interview I did with them last week Heather said they're either a powerpop band with a twang problem or vice versa, and that really came through on this night. Excellent, catchy tunes, but with a bit of twang in the guitar and vocal delivery.

The Riffbrokers: Scott, Heather and Nick (l to r)

The Riffbrokers: Nick & Heather

Closing out the night was Vanilla. They were missing a few players and had a different rhythm section sitting in. But, they still did a great job all around. I think it caught some folks off-guard, because the guys of Vanilla are so completely unassuming. I said to a friend that if you saw any one of them walking down the street you'd have no idea that they were involved in a powerpop group of this quality.

Vanilla: Jayson


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