Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bloggin' ain't easy.

In recent days I've been reading the new Three Imaginary Girls blog quite a bit (good job on that, by the way), and in doing so it's made me look back at my own blog and realize that blogging is unnecessarily difficult!

Why is it difficult? Because it makes one realize how bands really don't promote themselves as much as you might think. I subscribe to about 75 band myspace blogs, diligently read through myspace bulletins, check for updates on websites, search youtube, go to shows, request promo copies for review, and read other music publications and sites. And darn it if it's not STILL downright hard to find out what's going on with bands.

To some degree I brought this on myself, having given focus to a single genre (for however much I don't stick to it strictly). But, still! One would think bands would talk about themselves more often, at least to the degree that they want others to talk about them.

So, consider this a call to action for all NW powerpop-ish bands out there: Talk to me. Send me your news. Tell me when you have something cool going on. Heck, tell me when you have something that isn't even that cool going on!


Bruce Taylor said...

Hallelujah that.

It's not just NW power pop bands, though. I can't believe how little effort some of my favorite major-label and large-indie bands put into their myspace blogs.

Help us out, guys! We want to know when and where you're playing.

Anonymous said...

What if the band is only power-pop-ish?

What if, instead, they are popularly powerful?

What if the band is definitely striving to be popular, but consume a bit less power than others?

Would you still want to hear about them?

Seattle Powerpop said...

I certainly go outside the boundaries of "true" powerpop here on the blog all the time (especially into garage, indiepop and indierock). But, the key is pretty much that I only do so with bands that I like.

Anybody is pretty much free to contact me about anything they're up to. Of course, it may or may not get written about. But, that shouldn't hinder you.