Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Color Bars record...

... is totally going to rock my brain. I just hopped over to take a peek at their myspace page to see if they have any news or updates. Sadly, there are none.

But, I took another listen to the three new tracks from that planned upcoming record, titled Kairos At Infinity. They are REALLY REALLY REALLY good. Don't believe me? Go listen, chump. ;)

"Ja Mata Shibuya" sounds like a lost Matthew Sweet track if he had decided to mostly forego the distortion pedal, and I don't even know how to describe "ID Incinerator" right now. But, it sure brings a huge smile to my face each time I listen.

I sure hope they put this thing out soon.

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Bruce Taylor said...

Their first CD was outrageously great. This goes back to the thing you were saying the other day about bands who don't do a good enough job -- er, who do nothing at all! to market themselves on their myspace pages. Please guys! We want to give you money and come to your shows!