Monday, April 16, 2007

Liar's Club... the band that wouldn't die

Actually, the band has long since disbanded. But, the attention the band is getting now, a full 14 years after the release of their "Evolution 9" album, is amusing.

I got this note from Jayson Jarmon of Vanilla:

Scott McPherson (Tiny Volcano) and myself were in the band Liar's Club [blogger's note: not to be confused with the band currently operating under the name Liar's Club here in Seattle] throughout much of the 90's. Well, last week, we were contacted by and told that one of our songs ("Penny Double") was screaming up their pop charts and would be the featured track on Wednesday the 18th of April. Odd indeed since the song is 14 years old from our album "Evolution 9." Well, good things come to those who wait and wait and wait, I suppose.

Apparently the same song had reached #1 on the pop charts on 3/19/03 and, powered by some unknown fate, it has returned.

Check out "Penny Double" yourself by listening to the mp3.

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