Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Review: Brides of Obscurity's "Extended Play"

The guys of Brides of Obscurity (and don't let the bride reference fool you, they're all dudes) have a new EP out, titled Extended Play. I'm going to give my initial thoughts here as I listen to the record, because I've not yet fully digested the album. I have the sense that it's one of those records that really needs to marinate over time to really achieve its full flavor.

Track 1 - "Bombs Away"
This song opens with a dusty, reverbed-out guitar and a driving bass line and leads quickly into a verse that features a vaguely Dylan-esque delivery. But, that quickly turns into a chorus that manages to be a foreboding warming and a catchy toe-tapper at the same time. There's something very "American" about this song, and it wouldn't sound out of place on, say, a Travelling Wilburys or Tom Petty record.

Track 2 - "Positively Me"
Now this is bouncy little track that would've fit in nicely on the most recent Vanilla CD. By that I mean it mixes organ driven powerpop sounds a la Jellyfish with a "classic rock" approach. And don't cringe when I type the words "classic rock," because I mean it in all the right ways that the word classic should imply.

Track 3 - "Don't Get Me Wrong"
Things get a little more quirky on Track 3. Okay, the vocals just kicked in and I retract my description, it's more in the psychedelic realm than quirky. The main riff and verse of this one has a nice groove, although I could use more drums in the mix. The chorus falls a little flat for me here, but still not a bad tune.

Track 4 - "Told You So"
The Dylan delivery returns a bit on this one. I like the chorus of this one quite a bit. It's catchy and melodic while again sounding classic/familiar without being a rip off of something in particular. This would make a nice soundtrack song, and I dig the "bah bah bah" sing along.

Track 5 - "All Because Of You"
Although it's last in the running order, this might be my favorite tune of the record. It's got a strong Beatles vibe and a great guitar solo. There are children's playground voices sprinkled through the song, and I can't quite figure out why they there... is the song about some one's kid? If so, then it makes more sense. If not, I'm confused. But, that confusion doesn't keep me from appreciating the tune. Great song.

You can hear samples and pick up the disc over at CD Baby. By the way, did I mention there is a naked lady on the cover?

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