Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sagging readership = salacious gossip

Work has been completely hanging me up recently, and I haven't been posting to the blog as much in the last week or so. As such, readership here has sagged. To inflate my hit numbers (that really have no meaning to anyone), I've decided to post a series of blatant lies masquerading as gossip. Feel free to circulate or post responses as to who you think might fit the bill for a given rumor. ;)

Gossip #1: Rumor has it that a certain vocalist for a certain powerpop group has been cavorting around town with a NYC hipster on his arm. They claim they're only friends, but in fact they were caught making out in the dressing room at Red Light.

Gossip #2: It seems that two of our favorite local powerpop bands came to fisticuffs a few weeks back backstage at the Sunset Tavern. No word on what prompted the scuffle, but I can hypothesize it was ether about beer or whether Tillbrok or Difford was the better songwriter.

Gossip #3: One local powerpop band has said they're throwing in the towel if they don't have a major label contract by the end of 2007.

So, there you have it... all the gossip fit to print.


Gwon said...

FWIW, I check your site every day! Love it!

Seattle Powerpop said...

Thanks, Gwon!

p.s. I'd love to get you guys on a Powerpop Night bill sometime soon. Maybe August?? Shoot me an email.

Anonymous said...

i just found it. this rules!